Harpreet Gulati, Senior Vice President, Planning and Operations at AVEVA

AVEVA Expands into the Discrete Manufacturing Market

February 19, 2020 Africa Business 0

AVEVA, a global pioneer in engineering and industrial software, has revealed its new Discrete Lean Management software to support digital transformation in the discrete manufacturing market. The new offering improves operational efficiency through the digitalization of lean work management for both manual and automated production lines. Read more

Herman Lombard

Millennials: The future is now

February 18, 2020 Africa Business 0

Population growth tends to be swift in emerging economies, stabilising as nation states mature and develop. Analysed in such terms, the so-called ‘millennials’ generation, arbitrarily delineated as those born around 1980 – 1995, makes up the second largest population group, and together with the subsequent ‘Generation Z’ constitutes much of the population, especially in countries like SA. Now aged around 24 – 40 they are arguably the most influential generation in the modern workforce. As they come of age and rise to positions of leadership, they are poised to gain decision-making power. Research from Deloitte estimates that this grouping will comprise 75% of the global work force by 2025. Read more

Pannel discussion in the 2019 East African Property Investment Summit

EAPI Summit forecasts uptick in Kenyan real estate as finance flows reopen

February 18, 2020 Africa Business 0

The real estate market is poised for an uptick in activity, according to East African Property Investment (EAPI) Summit analysts, following the recent moves to reopen financial flows into the sector by uncapping interest rates. The change follows a decline in financing that saw the sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP halve from 8.8 per cent in 2016 to 4.1 per cent by 2018. Read more

Christina Van Houten, chief strategy officer at Mimecast

Mimecast Limited released new eBook on cybersecurity

February 17, 2020 Africa Business 0

Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME) is a cloud-based tech company providing services in data and cybersecurity. A few days ago on February 04, 2020, Mimecast released its new eBook on cybersecurity named Commencing a New Decade: 2020 Predictions. This eBook was released from the Cyber Resilience Think Tank (CR Think Tank). CR Think Tank is a meeting of a group of security experts, who have recently gathered together to predict the upcoming security trends in 2020. Their speculation is based on the events occurred in the field from the past decade. The eBook is designed to bolster the effort of industry influencers by letting them know what kind of security threats to expect this year and how to tackle them. Read more

NJ Ayuk is the CEO of Centurion Law Group and the Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber.

The rise and rise of African oil and gas: Seven trends that will shape sub-Saharan Africa’s oil and gas in 2020 and beyond

February 5, 2020 NJ Ayuk 0

Africa holds around 7% of the world’s proven crude oil and natural gas reserves, yet the continent remains largely under-explored. It’s safe to say that the motherland is far from having exploited its full potential. For this potential to bear fruit and translate into economic development and jobs, several things need to happen. Good thing is, they are slowing taking shape. Read more